Piotr Adamczewski - lighting designer  

Selected projects 2013 - 2018

(as team leader by Kardorff Ingenieure Lichtplanung)


object St. Martin`s Church Kassel
architect Müntinga und Puy
completion 2016

The lighting concept for the main church was based on the existing lighting in the form of diffused star luminaires and supplemented it with directional spotlights to illuminate the cross vault and to accentuate objects and areas of the church. The existing lighting was restored and technically modernised. The additional lighting integrates into the church without competing with the existing lighting.

object 2200 K, Lahninsel
Giessen / Germany
architect Monika Goetz
completion 2014

"2200 K" is the installation by the artist Monika Goetz. This is also the color temperature of light of a bright ring, which seems to float in the night above the crown of an old oak tree. The installation has been shown as part of the Landesgartenschau in Giessen. Fotos: Monika Goetz


Selected projects 2009 - 2012

(freelance lighting designer)


object Wilhelm-Bölsche High School Berlin / Germany
client Bezirksamt Treptow- Köpenick
architect ENS Architekten
completion 2012

The old gym of the Wilhelm-Bölsche High School is rebuild to cafeteria and recreational area. Other leisure facilities are created from the recent equipment room and the dining rooms. The lighting concept for these areas was developed and brought it to detailed design together with Eckert Negwer Suselbeek Architects . The new dining room is illuminated by specially for this object designed, large pendant lights that give the former sports hall the character of  a restaurant. The object is completed in 2011.

object Gerhart Hauptmann Secondary School in Berlin
client Bezirksamt Treptow- Köpenick
architect ENS Architekten
completion 2013

The old gym of the Gerhart Hauptmann Secondary School is converted into a cafeteria and recreational area. Large, bowl-shaped pendant lights give the room an informal character and soften the severity of the spatial structure. They correspond with the wall painting in the form of balloons. The concept of lighting for the dining hall and other recreational areas of the school was developed in collaboration with ENS architects.


Selected projects 2006 - 2009

(in cooperation with Edgar Schlaefle)


object Immanuel Clinic
Rüdersdorf / Germany
client Immanuel Diakonie Group
architect Bargon & Partner
completion 2009

In September 2009, after three years of construction, the Immanuel Klinik Rüdersdorf near Berlin was opened. In order to offer the patient a highest level of comfort, the new building complex was designed in a hotel-like character with high-quality standard details. Lighting design follows this concept. Many of the luminaires used, have been specially developed for this project.

object Museum of Art Cottbus
client Mayor of Cottbus
architect Anderhalten Architekten
completion 2007

2008 the Kunstmuseum Cottbus found its new place in the building of the former diesel power station, which was reconstructed and adapted for exhibition purposes. A particular challenge for the architect and lighting designer was the use of daylight in connection with the presentation of mostly very UV-sensitive works of art. The planning goal was implemented through a "house in the house concept". Daylight can, depending on the type of exhibition, contribute to the lighting of the exhibition, but it can also be excluded. Furthermore, it is also used to illuminate the communication spaces of the building. The lighting systems in the exhibition spaces have been designed to meet the requirements of permanent and temporary exhibitions.

object e-Science Lab
ETH Zurich / Switzerland
client Eidgenössische
Technische Hochschule
architect Baumschlager Eberle
completion 2007

The concept of the building is based on two zones: the flexible one, lying along the external walls and being an open space office with the possibility to separate single rooms; and internal zone containing communication spaces, seminar rooms, lecture halls and cafeteria. The flexible zone allows to implement different office concepts to meet the changing requirements. This flexibility is also implemented in the lighting. Through the light control system, lighting can be adjusted to the current layout of the rooms. The centerpiece of the building is the multi-media conference hall. If the sliding walls of the hall are opened, it becomes a part of the foyer area. The lighting can be adapted to the changing functions and spatial situations of the hall. The e-Science Lab has been built according to the latest energy and environmental concepts of environmental protection and energy saving and it meets the Minergie Eco standard.

object Training Center HILTI
Schaan / Lichtenstein
client HILTI Corp.
architect Baumschlager Eberle
completion 2006

In the basement of the new HILTI training center, employees and customers have the opportunity to train themselves in the handling of the latest equipment. Due to the constructively converted sound insulation, no noise is transmitted into the overhead office rooms. Lighting was designed according to the architectural concept and adapted to the different functions of the object. This includes the lighting of the training hall, the office and seminar room lighting and the exhibition lighting in the foyer. In the upper floors, the lighting complements daylight, which is led through light shafts into the interior of the building.


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